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Deca, our history.

  Established in 1959, DECA is one of the European leading designer and manufacturer of heat exchangers for industrial purposes and, generally, for special or heavy applications.

For the engineers and designers of the branch, this brand - since 60 years present in the heat exchange field - it's synonymous with custom solutions and unequalled reliability guarantees.

The objects mentioned at its formation were the production and sale of heat exchange elements - better known as batteries. Today, after sixty years of uninterrupted activity - thanks to the winning union of technology and experience - it became a leading company, supplier of the most important industrial groups and engineering societies active in the following sectors:

 Food processing
 Power generation
 Fluid control system
 Pharmaceutical  Refrigeration
 Surface finishing  Textile finishing

40% of production is exported, directly or through a network of local partners.
The DECA quality system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 by TUV Italia.

ISO 9001 TUV Certification Mark