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1959 - TODAY


Established in 1959, DECA is today one of the European leaders in the construction of heat exchangers for industrial applications.

For the engineers and designers in the field of heat exchange, this brand is synonymous with customized solutions with unmatched reliability guarantee.

Deca's production range includes air heaters, gas coolers, oil coolers, steam condensers and other equipment for thermal processes, adopting different materials combinations, stainless steel and titanium included.

DSC07993 1.jpg
DSC07993 1.jpg


Since Deca’s foundation, its one and only business was the production and sale of heat exchange elements – better known as batteries. Nothing has changed since then.

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Today, after sixty years of uninterrupted activity – thanks to the winning union of technology and experience – Deca has become a leading company, supplier of the most important industrial groups and engineering societies.

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